Need to merge a column data from Excel1 to Excel2

i have 2 excel sheets.
E1 have 2 columns
E2 have 10 columns.

now i want to append the E1 2 columns into E2 sheet as a 11th & 12th Column data.


Take the two excel values in different data table and Use merge data table activity and merge.

after merging it is not coming in 1st record continue … it is coming as new row.

@anilkumar.vegi If there is any matching Columns between the two excel sheets, we can use Join Datatable Activity to join them based on those columns to get the desired output then, keep only the Columns needed.

If there is no Matching Columns, then if the number of rows in first excel and the number of rows in second excel are always equal, then we can add a matching column such an Inncremental ID, and then Join them.