Need to login to a website and fill data in the rows from Csv file

Need to login to a website - Successfully done, then click on certain buttons- done, then go to blank row fields-done and fill data again and again, Robot is able to fill the first row correctly-but to go to next row- Robot is again going to the first row then to the next row . Please help me resolve this

I’m not sure how you’ve done the csv part but I would read the spreadsheet into a datatable then use a “For Each” to iterate through each row in the datatable, filling in the relevant data then moving on to the next one.

Pleaee update the selector in the for each activity to go to the next empty row.

You have to make the selector dynamic by using a variable.


Hi@KarthikByggari, Basically I am filling Journal entry- there are two rows to be filled on the website and FYI- I have used for each row in datatable–>declared datatable as the variable, and then used type into activities- in which using Indicate element I have deselected the htmlwindow tag as it was again and again changing and except this tag-have selected all the tags- and the Robot is filling the first row data from the csv correctly and to go to next row- I have used tab from Send Hotkey activity- the issue is after Robot fills the first row-its again goes to first row first column and then second row first column .
Please help me on this or if I am doing something incorrect pls let me know.