Need to load 30K data from an excel to Oracle Web application

Need to load 30K data from an excel to Oracle Web application.

It needs to click the + sign
add item . from uom and Conversion data, just 3 fields.
Then click save , continue for next record.

I tried loading 13 records and it took 2 minutes.
So for 30K records it will take almost 3 days???

Isn’t it weird? Any way to expedite it? Its urgent.

Hi @Mallika,

I can give some tips to improve the speed.

  1. Please verity the WaitForReady property to the click and type into activities.
  2. Use ReadRange activity under the name space of " System->File-WorkBook". You should not have scope of excel.
  3. Use the For each row activity under the namespace of “Programming->DataTable”.
  4. Avoid unnecessary assignments.



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Thanks for the prompt reply. But still for 15-17 records it takes more than 2 minutes. So i assume 30K would really take very long duration. So does that conclude that RPA is not fit for quick mass load?

It might be possible that you are being limited by the Oracle response time.

Is there a delay after you click on save? If so, that would be Oracle saving the record on the backend, thus hard limiting the responsiveness of the solution.

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@Mallika The problem with oracle HTML pages are PPR and you have to wait for the PPR to finish before you proceed further. Check the below thread of mine having the issue:

Now coming to the performance part, it takes the amount of time what it takes. As you know RPA is just mimicking the human activity to perform a job. Think about how much time a human would have taken to process those 30K records. Robots are doing it faster than that but the wait time is needed as the whole process needs stability also.

In idle and enterprise level scenario, I would have used Orchestrator Queue facility. i would have put all 30K records into a queue and use 5-6 robots to process those records parallel bringing down the total process time.

Another point is need to check if there are unnecessary wait time in your process design. If we can improve 3-4 sec per record, that will also be a huge gain.

Thanks for such elaborate explanation. But see in Oracle terms if i say, after passing the item number we need to pause for a second or two to auto populate the next field that is item description. Only then we can proceed to fill the next field. So such delays i need to pass for the RPA to work accurately.

Any other way to achieve that instead of putting delays?

As suggested by amakundu, You can use Orchestrator Queue facility. Assign the queue to multiple robots to process the records parallel. If you are using high density robots use multiple robots or assign to robots in different VMs.

Yes you can.
Either you can use Wait Attribute activity on the item description field if you know the item description is populated. this method assumes you know the item description prior.
Or use get text of the Item description field after type into the item number field. Do a loop to get text until it is not empty or some time interval (to avoid infinite loop).
Remember one thing, the PPR works weirdly. So after type into item number field, there will be a PPR which validates the item number value against the associated LOV.

Let me know if it works.