Need to know the impact for Uipath development in different OS environment

We are working on one client project. For this currently we are accessing our development VM from Citrix environment using the RDP session. Because of this we are experiencing significant slowness in development VM. To overcome this we are planning to install the UiPath on Citrix environment. But our client has win7 on Citrix and win10 on prod environment. If we go ahead with installation of UiPath on Citrix, we are assuming there will be re-work, correct?. If yes, How much re-work we can anticipate? Please advise.

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Any help would be really appreciated.

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Gaurav Suryawanshi.

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Hmm no i dont think so like there would no rework required if we have the similar UiPath studio version is installed and when we migrate make sure that whole project folder either zipped or the nuget file of those projects are migrated so that they can be opened as such
were you facing any issue with that buddy
kindly correct me if i m wrong
Cheers @suryawanshigaurav09


There would be some problems for sure :slight_smile: .

But as per my understanding you can first asses the up gradation of environment or because Dev/Test/Prod Environments should be identical :slight_smile:

if it cant done and big challenge from client perspective. Create some short and simple process first which will cover basic interaction with your desired applications and check the things are working fine or not :slight_smile: just for a sanity check before proposing approach :slight_smile: