Need to know how to automate a task using RPA

I need a help to automate one task or just want to know if we can automate this.

I am receiving mails from a particular vendor whenever I made a payment for food. So that mail contains the amount that I paid to purchase the food. I want that everytime I receive that email of payment with the amount, that amount gets automatically fetched in an excel with the email date and time.

I hope I made myself bit clear. Just wanted to know if we can do this using RPA / automation anywhere?

Hello @Chhavi_Sharma

This is possible with UiPath. Either you can schedule it at every day to check the entire mail with the similar subject and bots can loop through each email and fetch the amount details and write to excel file.

Another approach is continuosly monitoring the mailbox and if any emails with similar category arrives in the mailbox, it can start the execution. You can refer to the below post.

Email Automation. Mail Trigger Sample..