Need to iterate through ALV tree on SAP GUI for multiple tasks


I need to iterate through every “IMG Activitiy” of different request tasks (exp. C2******* etc) and extract the names of the table (under View maintenance), you can see one example on the above screenshot.
As, its part of ALV tree, I tried to use expand ALV tree activity but it’s not working.

Any suggestion on this one ?

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Hello @Debartha_Mitra_DE,

First extract the text using Full Text Activity and split based on the new line. Now, you have array of strings, use Click Text Activity within foreach loop activity and pass the item as input to Click Text activity make sure the click type is Double Click.


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Hi @Debartha_Mitra_DE,

Could you please expand on the topic? What exactly is not working? What did you try to do, what did you expect to happen and did not happen?
What path was generated for the Expand ALV Tree activity? What happens when you run it?



In my case, the bot needs to iterate through and expand every node of the above request id (the request id is dynamic based on user input) and do some activities.
Lets say the bot first iterates to and expands the “view cluster maintenance data” and then do some activities and then move back to alv tree and move to the next node which is “view maintenance data” and do some steps and so on.

I tried to use the expand alv tree activity but didnt work. It usually selects only one ALV node at a time. So i think I cant use it to iterate through every node over here.

Please let me know where I am wrong.

thanks for your reply, I did the steps, in every iteration within for each loop it needs to click on the marked box (expand box)


If I use get full text that expand box comes as “4” in text and within for each loop I again the split the each item and save it into array of string (let’s say array 2) and in the click text activity I passed the 0th element of that array (array 2) as that expand box comes first.

Its extracting the lines but its not clicking on that expand box.

Any suggestion ?


Hello Debartha,

please can you clarify your requirements. You wrote about IMG Activities (TAC SPRO > Button SAP Reference IMG), which is an ALV Tree, but your image shows us a set of labels, here an example of TAC RZ20.

Surely you cannot handle a set of labels with the methods of the ALV. Please describe your way from SAP Easy Access to your image above, so we can better understand and help you.

Best regards

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Thanks for your reply.
In the use case, the bot first needs to navigate to Transport Organizer page using “/nse10” Tcode and then check for the each ID from a list of request IDs (given by users).

On each page of different request IDs (mentioned below) the bot needs to find the maintenance data under IMG activity. This IMG activity is specific to each request ID so it will not be an easy process to find the names from IMG reference tab. That’s why I need to use the below ALV tree.

As you can the bot needs to expand each IMG activity and check for the maintenance data and do some steps and then get back to this page and then move to next IMG activity.

Let me know if you need more explanation.

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@Debartha_Mitra_DE @LevKushnir

Hello Debartha,
thanks for your reply, all information are now available. The SAP transport organizer is also a collection of labels, like my example above. Your requirement, with this kind of GUI, is a challenge. Let us ask Lev, he has a great horizon of experience, maybe he knows an approach.
Best regards

Hello Lev,
do you know a way to access Label HotSpots in the same row via the text of Labels as described here? In my opinion is this a very interesting requirement of a complex UI automation, because it is a collection of labels. Alternatively access via tables would also be conceivable. Which approach would you favor?
Thanks and best regards

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Hi @Debartha_Mitra_DE,

It usually selects only one ALV node at a time

That is exactly what Expand ALV Tree activity does and is intended to do.
If you know the names/text of the children of that Customizing Task node and they are the same, then you can feed those into the Expand ALV Tree activity and call it for every node.
Is that the case? Also, can you obtain the Customizing Task node text from user input?

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Thanks for the response.
See the user will provide a list of request IDs or task IDs, and after that the bot will read that list and perform some steps (navigating to the above mentioned page and expanding and checking View maintenance data: table nodes) for each task id, as you can see the IMG activity names and maintenance table names will be different each time so I can not feed those into Expand ALV Tree activity. I need to do it dynamically somehow.

Let me know if I have missed any point of my use case.

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HI @Debartha_Mitra_DE
Let me give you an example, how you can use Expand ALV Tree with Dynamic IDs

Here, I have opened 1 node, and than replace dynamic part with variable.

In the Expand ALV Tree you have to provide a TreePath to the node and this is just a simple text, so you can easily edit it and add variable, at any place you you need it.

That add some loops and navigate through the Tree.

Does this solve your issue?

Best regards, Lev


thanks for the response, it’s quiet helpful but it will not fulfill my use case completely.

As I mentioned there will be a list of task ids or transport ids for which I need to some further steps (navigating to the above mentioned page and expanding each IMG Activity node and checking View maintenance data: table nodes for each task id).

In that case the IMG activity names are keep changing for each task id, for example as you can see in the below screenshot the IMG Activities of this task id are different from the next task ID’s img activity names in the next screenshot.

First Screenshot

Second Screenshot

Also I can’t get the details of IMG activity from the user, I need to navigate to each transport or task ID and find it out.

Any suggestion on this ?

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You might try something like in the attached workflow(Sequence4.xaml (10.2 KB)), but it will expand all the closed nodes in view. This would be ok if you don’t have any other collapsed nodes that you are not interested in. You might need to do some additional tweaking and selector filtering (maybe by X position).

I think a better approach would be as @StefanSchnell suggested, with table view. I played a little and if you double click on the task name it will be displayed as a table and then double click again on all that you’re interested in.


@LevKushnir @raduc

Hello Lev and Radu,
thank you very much for your post and suggestions. I have read your post, but unfortunately I have not yet fully perceived your perspectives. This example and your solution approaches have changed that. Very interesting and great work, the details of the Expand ALV Tree activity open many new possibilities.
Best regards


@StefanSchnell @LevKushnir @raduc Thank you for your suggestions, I just have discovered about the table view by double clicking on the task, it is actually helpful.

Thanks a lot.


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