Need to iterate through a dynamic UI element table

I have one scenario where I need to iterate through a dynamic UI element table on a portal.
The business requirement here is to open a list of portals (listed on excel) and go to each portal and do the following activities.

You can see the below attachment for your reference.

As, you can see there is a column called “Qty to remove” where i need to put the exact number which is present on “currently on machine” column. If its 1 then i will put 1 on first field and then iterate to next row and put whatever the number present on second column in the second row. Like this i need to put the number for each iteration and at the end of the loop i will click on the save button.
I think i need to use get text activity to get the value from the second column every time.

As I already mentioned that every time I need to open different portal url so the table you can see will have dynamic rows which means sometime it will show 4 rows or sometime 1 row etc.
Please see the below screenshot of another URL where the row number has been changed.

So my question is how will I iterate through this dynamic UI table every time i open new URL and do the activities.

Can anyone suggest on this.

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Can anyone suggest on this please

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@loginerror can you provide help on this please ?

Hi @davemitra
Some ideas that come to mind;

  1. You would have to extract the selector from the table, this would give you how many rows you have to iterate.
  2. You would have to modify the selector by clicking on each row with the iteration number dynamically with a variable.
    If you could share the table selector to get an idea of the structure of the page
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thanks for the suggestion.
That solution worked. I am changing the row value of the table dynamically and can iterate through the table

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