Need to iterate line item information in reference to multiple header


Need your help for the following scenario.

I need to enter set of Journal Vouchers (JVs) in a virtual machine (erp system). The data is in excel sheet. In the sheet, i have two tabs, Header & Line. I need to enter line wise information (from line tab) in reference to header information (appearing in header tab), meaning for one header information there can be multiple lines. The common column in both the excel tab is “JV Number”.

I have used the “for each row” and “if” activities, it works in cases where i have one header information and multiple line information. However the automation does not work the moment second header information along with its respective line is added.

Can you please guide on how to iterate line information in reference to header information?

Spirit ERP Automation.xlsx (9.7 KB)

hi @Hassaan_Iqbal,

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Please find the attached Sample
SpiritERP.xaml (9.6 KB)

I am Displaying the Output count in the MessageBox ,you can modify the workflow accordingly.


Thanks Mukesh

Hi Mukesh,

I tried your solution but its not fetching the right data, i am attaching my file for your reference, hope you can look into it & provide feedback.


ERP Automation.xaml (90.4 KB)

Hi @Hassaan_Iqbal,

You can use the Below to filter dataTable.