Need to increase iteration count when error occurs in REframework

Hi guys,

Please help me out with requirement,

I am using reframework in my project ,

I am having max_retry_count=3 and iteration_count=0

I need to check for any exception and have to retry it till max retry count and increment the iteration count ,

iteration count should not exceed max retry count,

After 3 time trying only have to send mail for exceptions and update database value.

Thanks in advance

if you use REFramework this logic is already built in .

Go to Process State → inside the “Finally” block you should see it call a workfllow called “Set Transaction Sequence”

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yeah but after 3 iteration only need to update status, so where to put iteration increment without updating failure status.

Hi @amruta_pawar

You can try using retry scope activity for this situation. Attached screen shot for your reference.

In catch you can give email activity. So if the retry scope is failed after max_retry_count, it will go to exception.

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts. Thanks.

Happy Automation.

Hi Vignesh thanks for reply but where should i increment iteration counter?

Hi @amruta_pawar

For this case, you don’t need to iterate the counter. Thanks.

i need to update that counter in database after 2 error interation counter in database for that record will be 2.

Okay. If you need counter, you can add like below screen shot,


ok got it so before executing further sequence i will increment counter , that will not work i need to increment counter only if it having error. i think in RE only i need to add this iteration counter.

Okay. Now I understood.

  1. Assign counter before get transaction state.
  2. In process state, under catch you can assign counter +1.
  3. Under exception, you can build a logic like. If counter > max_counter, then send mail activity.

So it will count whenever the transaction is getting exception.

Hope this is what you are expecting. Thanks.

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Yes exactly great thanks.

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