Need to identify the cyclomatic complexity of RPA Bot

Hi Team,

My requirement is to calculate the cyclomatic complexity of the RPA Bot. to derive the same , I need to get Edge, Node and paths programmatically from the process. Can someone guide or help with some hint , how can I generate the same

Hi folks,
@Pablito, could you please help here or have some thoughts and suggestions?
In absence of any reply, tagging you here for looking into the same. Apologies if you find the incorrect way

Hi @SheetalAkhud,
If you could only express more your thoughts. I would like to understand more what you are asking for :slight_smile:

Thank you for revert.
I need to measure the cyclomatic complexity of the bot process. cyclomatic complexity is the objective measure of the designed code.

is there anyway to fetch the flowchart from the bot process which describe all the loops and diagram of process which can be used to calculate cyclomatic complexity ?

or there is any tool which reads xaml code and return cyclomatic complexity?

Unfortunately we don’t have any dedicated tool for such objective.
But if you could provide me additional data like what is the exact use case and what you will do with such data I could suggest an improvement for our dev team :slight_smile:

I need to understand the developed bot complexity to analyze it further.

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