Need to have XML activity for Uipath 2019.10.6

I need to convert Excel to XML file

This activity is available for 2020 version, there is the same for 2019.10.6 version ?

Hi @Soudios !
In the UiPath Marketplace there are interesting activities that might help with your version, like this one (compatible with 2019.10.4)

Hi @Hiba_B !

Can i have it directly in manager package ? (Same name ?)

No because it’s not in .nupkg format (as would be an activity in UiPath terms). It’s in xaml format, so if you want to call it as a package you will need to open the xaml file of Paramatrix, create as a library from it (basically copy/paste the code + argument):

Then you will be able to publish it from library options, then you will be able to call the package from Manage packages at a local level

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