Need to give two different Transaction data.Is it possible?

I have a process where I need to filter the excel data with some condition and for each data row, there is a column which contains group of invoice numbers.I Need to process using these Invoice numbers and should move onto next row.
I am getting the data row as transaction data and I am fetching the Invoice values from a particular column and processing using ‘for each’. But the problem is, when ever there is any exception while processing, it can’t read the next Invoice number and the fetches the next data row and extracts the other set of Invoice numbers. Is there any where I can use the Invoice numbers also as a transaction Item so that whenever any Exception occurs, it moves to next invoice numbers and process continues and then once all Invoice numbers are processed, then it can get the next datarow item and repeats.


@ashok.p Surround body of the for loop with try catch block. when ever exception happens control goes to catch block and write the logic where navigation of application happens to specific window from processing next invoice begins.

When exception occurs, catch the exception in the catch block and handle the exception.
Set exception to null in the catch block (it won’t go to the next row). so it will process the next invoice number.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @KarthikByggari,
I am catching the exception in catch block , but still when error is thrown, second datarow is being picked up instead of next invoice number.

Can you send the screenshot how you are getting the next invoice number ?

Hi @KarthikByggari,

Thank you so much!!