Need to get the last row number from screenshot of excel

Hi , i need to get the last row value from the image of excel can anyone suggest the best way to get . For example in the attached image assume the last row in 15 . I need to get the 15 value from image.

Hello! Are all other rows in the image empty?

The excel will have data … i have just uploaded a sample for understanding . For example iam having data of 800 rows so at the last row of excel will be 800 and my bot will take the screenshot of last row and now from that screen shot i need to get the last row number .

@deepak_raj Do you need to get the Row number by taking a Screenshot only, there are other methods to get the Last row number as well. Like Reading the Excel File, Then Counting the Total number of rows present in the Output Datatable.

Yes i need the last row count . But here my scenario is i need to get that last row count from the captured image of excel