Need to get selector of a label by its "text" for which the text attributes(type/bold/size) can change

I have a requirement to search for specific keyword/label in the whole webpage(including the scrolled content) and get its selector dynamically .
is there any way to do this ?
please suggest.
Thanks and Regards,


Have you tried Text Exists activity?

Thanks for the repl .
I do use text exists , but it returns only boolian .how do i get the selector of that text/lable .

There’s also an activity Find Text Position that should do what you are saying. It should work the same way as Text Exists but intead of boolean, it will return a UiElement that you can then use in Target property: Element.

Using UiElement, instead of telling UiPath what to look for (selector) you sepecifically say which element from the screen you want to work with.

Thanks for your replay .
Find text works .But it also has one disadvantage in my case where i wouldn’t be knowing the Occurrence parameter value unless i trigger the bot and its dynamic too .

I want bot to search for exact match lablels .
Could you please help me in this .