Need to Fiter the Excel Data and convert to CSV


There is 2 job that needs to happen.
First is I have this original file and I need to filter the data to remove the top part and keep the header and its data.
payments_report-2020-02-28 01_56 - Copy (5).xlsx (13.8 KB)

Once That is trimmed I need to convert it to csv in comma-delimited.

What is the best approach to do this?

Like this: (14,2 Ko)

Hi Anthony,
I tried the approach and the first part was what I was expecting. The second part is converting it to csv didn’t work. I was trying to upload the csv file here but I’m getting this error

Is there a way for me to post the out csv file here? or send it to you via email.

You can zip the csv and upload it here.

This is expected to be converted like the attached file (2.0 KB)