Need to extract text from a particular region in a PDF file

Hello! I need help extracting a particular region of a PDF file. I want to be able to select the middle part of a PDF file and use OCR to get the text. I just to obtain the coordinates but when I use the get position activity it gives me the same coordinates regardless of whether I am selecting a region in the bottom, top, or middle.

I should be getting different coordinates when ever I select different regions.

Before selecting particular region, try extract whole data into a text file and then extract the required data from the text file… Using string Methods
by the way
what kind of PDF do u have…?
is it in image format or simple text format… ?

If it is in text format i think that we can easily extract certain data with Regex and String manipulation :slight_smile:

It can be an image too so I need specific region with coordinates. That’s the only way it will work otherwise if I extract using OCR for PDF it will show gibberish symbols when scanning image boxes.

were you able to find an answer for this?