Need to extract specific tag from XML


Need to extract data from a specific tag in XML output, please share your ideas…
Find below pic highlighted


Hi @Deeipauk

This should return the value:


See here for more info.

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Thanks…This needs to be kept in Assign activity?

That is correct, assign this to your output variable.

Yes its working, Thanks…

Just to add a point – yourVariable should be a string variable

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I felt this regular expression can help me to find solution in another level. After extracting this information I need to place it in another XML tag… below is the source XML and where I need to replace this extracted value, if you have any suggestions will help me move ahead.


It is possible :slight_smile:
This one will do it:


See this project for ease of reference: (2.2 KB)

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Thats great :slight_smile: its working fine…

Thanks for your help

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