Need to extract particular data from pdf to excel with OCR or pdf extract activity/

I am trying to fetch specific text from the pdf file to excel and I need help with that.

From the pdf, I want to extract

  • Num City (of Home address)
  • State (of Home address)
  • Zip (of Home address)
  • Desc
  • Qty
  • Amount
  • Total

want to save this info to the data table and dump the data table into excel.

Expected Excel Output:

Num, City, State, Zip, Desc, Qty, Amount, Total

100, Chicago, IL, 40401, QDFT 1.1 20-10’, 4, 100.50, 402.00
101, Chicago, IL, 40401, Magson 1/1 33-12 Supply log, 502, 10.11, 5075.22

Any help is appreciated.