Need to extract data after: from email

Non-Food Data(Division 02)
Sales District:Dubai
Sales Office:DU
Sales Group:AT
Payment Terms:online:
Section Manager Name:AR
Employee Number(SAP):7898

Ferrero Data (Division 03)
Sales District:KSA014
Sales Office: FV12
Sales Group:470
Payment Terms: VAN2
Section Manager Name:MV
Employee Number(SAP):4230

Non-Food Data(Division 04)
Sales District:India
Sales Office:IN
Sales Group:KA
Payment Terms:direct
Section Manager Name:MV
Employee Number(SAP):7990

you can store these values in key-value pair

  1. split based on new line
    2.use for each loop and for each lines extracted inside the loop split based on “:” use Split(line.tostring,“:”)
    store it in key value pair using assign

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