Need to download the file from the website

So you’re trying to make sure that the file size is downloaded before moving onto the next steps, correct?

The link you mentioned is simply returning a Boolean (True/False) value. If you want it to wait until the path exists, you should structure your workflow so that it uses the Path Exists activity to look for the file you just downloaded. If path exists = False, then check again after a set amount of time (delay activity). If path exists = True, then continue onto the next activity.

Doing this would make sure the robot waits until each file is downloaded before continuing the process

their is the problem i am not able to add decision box in for each loop (sorry i am new development in uipath)

You’ll have to use the ‘If’ activity instead of the decision box. It is the same thing, just graphically different

This may help .

If you got your work done please mark it as solution

You need to insert flow chart in your for each loop in order to use decision box,

You may also use retry scope if I’m not wrong

Thanks Dave i was able to fix all issues and make my Bot live.