Need to download a pdf file when specific selector is not available


I’m looking for best practices for downloading a pdf file from this site :

Actually, the issue is that the selector is for the entire pdf display area (in yellow) and what I’ tried to act on is the top right region. In this region there is a tool button which gives the ability to select a download option on a sub menu (as seen in the figure below)

So I tried the region clipping in the click for the tool button and then for the download selection but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Can you please share your experiences on such automation ? and what is the best way to handle such topic ?

Thanks in advance.

Studio Used : 2018.4.2

Hi @albel

In cases like this I use the Click Image activity. And for the Donwload button you could use the click text.

Hope it helps :smile:

Best Regards

Thanks @Yan_Boos. “Click Image” worked fine. For “download” Click Image worked fine as well not “click text” where it seems not reacting to it.

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@albel, you could also try to use the Click OCR Text, takes a while longer but in most cases where the click text doesn’t work this activity does the trick. Either way, I’m glad that the Click Image solved your problem :grin:

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