Need to delete duplicates except the last one

hi everyone,

I´m doing a bot with a historical file to work, in this case y have a lot of similar entries, I was able to filter according to the date that is needed and just like by the customers but for every month there are still many entries and I only have to take into account the last one, which is not really duplicated but only certain columns, which complicates the process because if they were equal I would do it with uipath activity for detele duplicates but my other problem is that I must take into account only the last record and the options I have seen if it achieves something only leaves the first record.
I’m currently using this assignment but it returns only the first entry and I don’t know how to configure it to be the last one:
vDtbFilter = ((From LineNo In vDtbAux.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“Column”).Select().ToList() Select (From row In vDtbAux.Select Where LineNo(“Column”).ToString = row(“Column”).ToString Select row).ToList(0)).ToList()).CopyToDatatable()