Need to count number of desktop element that may change

I need to count number of questions, Number of questions may vary when open another file. Its a desktop application.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.

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Buddy @gupta.rak1984
Welcome to uipath community and thats a great question to start with


you can use ocr screenscrapping method from design tab in studio,
this one with properties like this

once you do this you will get the text output and convert them to array and make a count of array
simple buddy

Even better you can make use of this xaml , but make changes with attach window and extraction selectors because i just saved that image and opened in image viewer to screen scrape it(with the one you gave)
Sequence2.xaml (8.7 KB)

and we got output like this, hope its resolved

Hope this would help you…kindly revert for any queries

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is that working buddy

Really thanks a lot for help me out and sorry for late reply.
However issue with OCR is that, there is a scroll bar also( As shown in below image), so if we will scroll it we will get more questions.
In that case i believe, OCR will not work.

The issue was resolved. I used Screen scarping method and used Question* or remove question property.
Thanks a lot for help.

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Buddy in that case you can take full text where we would get the details we need and try to select the element that you need like try to get the tree of question alone, if its possible to select that element, i hope it would because we have scroll option so that tree structure alone can be selected.
Then the remaining steps are same buddy as mentioned earlier



Amazing buddy


Keep going

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