Need to copy the data from one excel to another excel sheet

In my requirement, I need to copy the data from one excel sheet(INV report) to another excel sheet(BPI report). But in the sheet(INV report) where I need to paste has some data. So I need to delete that data there first and then copy the data from BPI to INV.

Can anyone tell, which activities need to be used !!


Read BPI report using read range activity and place in output datatable dt.
then write dt to INV report using write range activity, it will overwrite all data in INV.

Thanks @Sreelatha278, the INV report is Macro enabled worksheet!! write range activity is not able to take that sheet.


Please use excel activities instead of workbook activities as .xlsm only works with Excel Application Scope

Hi ,

This will help you to solve you problem.


Hey Balamurugan,
Do you have something similar to Copy to File, but instead of creating a new excel file I want to add that copied sheet to an already existing excel file.

For Example:
I want to copy sheet 1 from Excel File A and place that copy of sheet 1 into the already existing file Excel File B.

Thoughts? I tried using copy to file this way and left auto file create as false but it does not seem to work.


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Yes @jboli48867. you have it.

you can use the activity Copy to WorkBook It will copy inside the work book. check it below.

you can get the package from here.