Need to configure visible option in Excel scope

Hi All,

I would like to configure excel visible option in excel sope, Please let me know if there is any way to do that?


Go to properties of Excel Application Scope Activity and check Visible option.

Yeah I know but i need to configure it

What exactly do you mean by “configure it”?

I want to handle that check box through configuration file. I know we can’t do that but I am just looking for options.


Can you try like this.

  1. Store the existing working book in a variable.
    2.Using the assignment activity can set the visible true or false by a blnVisble variable like below.


@srajrsraj - ok that makes sense. You should create a flag in your config file. This will be a boolean, we’ll call it ExcelVisible. Your config should have the value ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’. Then in your workflow, anytime you have an excel scope, first contain it within an IF activity with this condition: CBool(Config("ExcelVisible").ToString)

On the true side, put in an empty excel scope with the visible property checked. On the false side, put an empty excel scope with the visible property unchecked. Both of these should output to an excel variable. Then, put an excel scope outside of the if statement and pass in your excel variable to do whatever processing is necessary.

You could also use this as an input parameter if you want to choose true/false when scheduling/running the job. You could also utilize an orchestrator asset as well. Any of the options would work

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