Need to compare two files line by line in UiPath Studio (Reconciliation)

Hi, I have two files named PRE and POST, it can be csv, or excel or text (please suggest the file format of PRE and POST to be downloaded - as we are not using looping here) which I need to compare line by line (it has almost 25000 lines approx.) but need to do this comparison without looping.

It should be one shot comparison of the files to check whether they have similar count of rows (lines) or not, firstly and then compare it line by line.

They should be exact same (except time and date), because if I download PRE file today, the POST file is expected to download after 2-3 months to comapare it with that PRE one.

If there is any discrepancy then it should show the total counts of the lines that doesn’t match along with the status of each line as ‘matched’ or ‘not matched’.

So this is the problem statement.

Kindly provide me with full solution including attached zip file of the project folder using UiPath Studio version 2023.4.0

Quick replies will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Hi @Yugandhara_Shirbhate ,
You can try flow step:
1-read range to read PRE and POST to get 2 data table
2-you compare 2 data table by for loop

  • compare count of row by DataTable.Rows.Count
    3-use If condition to check
    If you need code, can you share your data sample, your nice result?


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