Need to compare Number and text format of currency

Hi there,
I have a requirement where the currency is displayed in Numbers as well as in text format.

Eg: Rs.1,20,520 and One lakh twenty thousand five hundred and twenty rupees.

In the above example i need to check whether the currency in numeric is correctly written in text or not.
Thank you

Hey @sridhar1516

You can Google about Numeric Currency to Text conversion you will get a code. so use that code and at the end Match it with your text by using String Methods.


Hi I have two different currencies one in rupee and another in dollar. If its same currency means i can sum. If its different then i need to tell status could not sum because value in different currencies. For that how can i check ?


In this scenarios u have to convert convert the currency either Rupees to Dollar Or Dollar to Rupees than do the calculation.

Or Just google the currecy extract the information and to the calculation


for my scenario i don’t want to convert currency from dollar to rupee or vice versa. Instead that i just mention status could not sum the value. Because currency type is different. What i need to know is how to check whether this is different currency or same.


is there is any sign available with the number (e.g. $ or Rs)

yeah value should be like $235.66


Just use

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