Need to close word document with Use Application/Browser Activity

Hi All,

I am new in UIPath and working on word document automation by using activity “Use Application/Browser”. For handling exception i want to close all word document if already open at the start of the execution of bot. I am not able to find any relevant activity for the same like “close application”, “close window” etc. I also tried with custom activity “close active document” but not succeeded. Please help me to solve this issue.
Thanx in advance


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In this case, you can use Kill Process and mention as WORD.EXE in process name

are you using Studio X?

@rahulsharma thanx for reply, i am using UIPath Studio. Let me try with kill process.


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Use Kill Process activity and mention ProcessName as WINWORD to close all opened Word documents.

yes i tried with “kill process” and it is working fine in all scenarios. Thank you gus!!!


Before using Kill process use Element Exist activity to check whether any word document opened or not. If open then only use Kill process Else skip this.
If you directly use Kill process and any word document not exist it will throw an error.