Need to click the dynamic data on scroll box

Hello Everyone,

I have received some data from business. Based on the amount value and some reference kay value, we need to double-click the row, and then it will go to the details page. But how scroll the respected row?

Could you please guide me?

HI @sandhya.govindharam

Try this way

  • Use Hover Activity and give the same selector as the Double click
  • Then Use Click activity

The hover will do the scroll

Note: Dont enable simulate hover or send window message in the properties


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

Thank you for your quick response.
I tried hover activity but it is not working for scrolling down.

Please see the scroll box below as an example.

If the particular amount row is available, it may be 1, 7, 25, or 100. I don’t know the exact row. that is depend on the amount provided by input file

And I tried the mouse scroll activity as well. But if I gave direction as down and scroll type as element, and then it goes to entire down

Have you tried with simulate click in the click activity ? @sandhya.govindharam

No, I will try and let you know

I tried, But it also not working.

You are using windows legacy or windows compatibility @sandhya.govindharam ?

I am seeing this below message on my studio.
please find the below snap


With mouse scroll may I know what element you used…it should exactly match witht he required element if not it will scroll till down

Alternatelt use the mouse scroll with no of scrolls and then use click activity

So basically you floe should be as below

While loop with condition as true and max iteration as any number may be 40

Then element exists /check app state to check for the click element
On the then side use click activity

On the else side use mouse scroll

Then loop continues till the element is found of max iteration is reached

Please make sure the selector for element is proper…


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Hi @Anil_G,

Thank you! Maybe it will work. I will make the change and let you know the update.


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Thank you, it is working fine.

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