Need to click on dynamic file


I am working on web automation in which i have to upload word doc and then click on current uploaded doc. In uploaded link file position is fixed(always first file from the list) but still after using edited selector bot is clicking on by default file(which i had selected during indicating element). Please check below mentioned selectors and let me know if i am doing something wrong.

Webpage sample:

Selector that i am using:

Any leads would be appreciable.


Hi @shekharhimanshu627 ,

If you know the document name to be clicked you can pass the dynamic variable in aaname.

Other method is try to change the tableRow to 2 to 1 in selector and try.

Hi @manjula_rajendran,

I tried with provided solution but still bot is clicking on same first file. After passing filename variable selector is looking as per below screenshot. Please suggest if any other changes required.
MicrosoftTeams-image (7)

Hi @shekharhimanshu627 ,

As it is dynamic you can’t directly give the file name like this. Keep the file name in one variable and pass that variable here to aaname.

ex: fileName = “abac.docx”

Before passing the aaname are you sure aaname in original selector contains the name of the file?


I am using variable name only as “AttachmentName”.


Hi @shekharhimanshu627 ,

Are you sure the way of passing variable is correct?

It supposed to be like {{variablename}} right?

@manjula_rajendran yes i tried with these below options
{{AttachmentName}} or + AttachmentName + or & AttachmentName & but its not working.


the problem is with the table row. this is the dynamic attribute this time the file is coming in the second row if you hard code it will work fine this time the next time the file will be on fifth row this time the selector will change right so my suggestion don’t hard code the table row in the selector. to proceed in dynamic way you have to extract the whole data into a data table using extract table structure component in uipath to get it as table with all the file data and use for each loop data to understand in which row your file residing so get that number in variable and use click activity pass aaname as your file name and pass table row dynamically to click the correct file in the list. hope this thought would help you. thanks.

Can you share the weburl?