Need to click on an element on the 2 window

I am unable to click “All time” using click option
I tried attach browser , recording but in vain

I need to close the window too not the browser. “Close window” activity closes the browser itself

Hey @Nithyakavitharan_T

You want to close 2nd tab in the browser?


@Nithyakavitharan_T Can you please share the selectors?

Hello @Nithyakavitharan_T

I hope you are trying to click on All time in the popup window as per your screenshot. Plz correct if my understanding is wrong

Are you able to inspect on this All Time element??? Or during the execution only it’s failing?

Usually in this cases if you put the click activity inside an Application/Browser activity for that window scope it will work

yes Nithin

Hey @Nithyakavitharan_T

Could you please check this - How to record the titles of all tabs in the browser? - #34 by Nithinkrishna


Hi @Nithyakavitharan_T

Capture selector from uiexplorer using UiAutomation from uiframeworks setting.

UiFramework is set to bydefault change it to uiautomation or active accessibility to capture selector of All Time & close second window.
Later use click activity for both actions.

If still it fails use hotkeys to close the second tab.

Thank you Nithin, I will check it out.

Thank you Aparna. I will check it out.