Need to check entire excel


I have sample.xlsx (15.5 KB) excel, In excel some time it maybe one or two aadhar number in excel need to check whether unique number is same for both aadhar number. If its not same need to reject the customer. i tried to use if condition it checking for only first condition and proceeding further…
Kindly help me to resolve

Hi @vaishaliR

Are you trying to check by ‘Uniquenumber’ column or ‘Status’ column?
About the part where it checks only first condition and proceeds further, can you please share a screenshot of the if logic?



thru get text activity i have unique number from application.
need to check that unique number from application is matching with the excel part unique number. if it match need to check for both aadhar number contain same unique number if any one fails. need to reject the customer…
workflow we cant take screenshot, copy or paste ( sorry for that)

There are a few ways you can do this.

  1. Filter data table on ‘Status’ column. Apply filter Status = aadhar_no
    If this gives you more than one rows, then compare the two values, e.g.
    If → table.Rows(0)("Status") = table.Rows(1)("Status")
    This is a crude way to implement the check, given you only have either 1 or 2 entries for aadhar_no.
    In case there may be more than two, you might want to have a more dynamic check in place.
  2. Check if more than ‘aadhar_no’ rows are present before you even read the application unique id with Get Text.
    If you see more than one, compare and reject as needed.

yeah I will check and update you… status may be voter id, aadhar_no, passport.
with different combination.
should I use same condition

If you only want to compare for duplicates on aadhar, then the first option to filter the datatable should do the trick.