Need to change existing Uipath Orhestrator database

Hi Folks,
I want to change existing Uipath Orhestrator (2018.4.5) database from AWS RDS (cloud) to on-premises SQL Server database.
I’ll take back up from AWS RDS and restore at on-premises SQL Server database.
Please mention the steps to change the existing Connection String and point to new SQL Server database.
Your help is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi, you need to run the Powershell script again provided by Uipath
Keep all the settings as it is like earlier , click on ‘Next’ buttons until you go to Create New Datasource to SQL Server ,
There You can create/change New Data source

Hi Vinay_Reddy- Thank you for the reply.
I had installed through MSI. Can i use it again and give the path of the restored database, i.e. Sql server?

Yes , You can do that.
Earlier i have used this when we wanted to switch our DB

Hi Vinay,
While switching database if we change database is enough or we need to change any other things?

@Krishna_k- I have done this by just changing the “ConnectionString” from Orchestrator Web.Config file.

We need to install orchestrator in sql server right.

Don’t get your point.
But SQL Server is recommended by UiPath.

What if we want to migrate orchestrator from aws to sql server? it is as simple as changing connection string? or need to recreate components also?

If DB is already or migrated from AWS to SQL Server then just need to change ConnectionString with Username & password.