Need to change browser after every 5rows from sheet and perform same activites

this is my sheet and what i am doing here is after filling data from every 5rows it will open router page and just change my ip address… then need to open another browser and fill data for next 5 rows…
in short

-firefox browser open
-first row data got filled
-then close browser
-again open firefox browser
-second row data got filled
-after 5rows
-it will change ip address
-then it will open
chrome browser
and do same thing for next 5 rows.
after filling data for 5rows it will change ip
then again it will start filling data for 5 rows from firefox

SteamGuardChecker.xaml (36.8 KB)

Hi @NervousTuber,

If you are using Excel as your transaction data, using the transactionid field in the RE-Framework you can mod the value of the transactionid. If TransactionId Mod 5 =0 then you can change the browser. and do the same for another browser type as well.

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Can you check my xaml file?
I already used “mod 5=0” for ip change
After it not filling data for nxt 5rows from chrome browser…
What should i do?