Need to capture value from Online PDF

Hi All,

I am working on a Online PDF , that is on Browser. I want to capture the specific value and store it in a variable. Every time value will be change when I will open other PDF.
When I am trying to make the selector it select the complete page. But I want to make the specific selector.
Or Please let me know if there is any option to capture the specific value (i.e.3,234.65)
For reference please see the below:


@Naim - I think the new Computer Vision package released by UiPath would be a perfect for this. Did you try that?

hi Sreenivas…

Thanks for your reply…
How I can try new computer Vision package…
Kindly suggest…

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Refer the below link

Hi Anil,

Thanks for reply. I have done suggested by you. It is helpful,
But I am not able to capture the specific value as I need.

Please help me.

whats is expected value and what is the output you are getting.?

HI Divyashreem,

Thanks for the reply… I am getting below value

But I need the value that I have Explain in my first request.
When I am trying to make the selector for specific value, every time it is generated for full page.

Kindly suggest.

Is the screen visible while using the activities, if not make the screen in the front and then try to extract, if the PDF is not confidential can you provide the PDF .