Need to capture process Name according to the Ticket Description (Service Request Ticket)

Hello Team,

I am trying to capture request type from ticket description. And depending on the request data will be stored in excel file.
For Example :
Ticket 101

Hi, one of my team member ABC PQR (123456) is promoted to senior developer and his salary is increased to $19000 per annum effective from 9th October 2021. Please update the details in portal.

I want to capture :-

  1. Process Name: Designation Change and Salary Change
    2.Employee Name: ABC
    3.Employee ID: 123456
    4.Salary: $19000
    5.Effective Date: 9th October 2021

Here Date can be in any format like
10/9/2021 or 09/10/2021 or 9/10/21 or 9-10-21 etc.

Similarly for Employee Name and ID sometimes there will be only Employee name not Employee ID. or sometimes only ID will be there in different format
Ex. ABC PQR (123456) or ABC PQR or ABC PQR 123456 or AA1234 or ABC PQR ( A1234 ) etc.

Like wise for Amount there will be any symbol or no symbol.
ex. 2000$ Or 2000 Rs. or 40000 etc.

How can we extract those details and fill it in excel.

Any thoughts @loginerror @Palaniyappan @Pablito

Prathamesh Patil.


You can do this with Entity Recgonition/Extraction capability. We have 2 Out-of-the-Box models that could help you with this within AI Center:

  1. Named Entity Recognition - not retrainbale, already identifies quite a lot of the information you required - I’d give it a try - Out of the Box Packages
  2. Custom Named Entity Recognition - you can label your entities and train the model within AI Center - Custom Named Entity Recognition

To test them out, you can get an Enterprise Trial License for Cloud and you’ll get 2 AI Robots. With these you can work in AI Center and test out the models.

Hope this helps.

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suggest a standard format to follow going forward, without having to go through AI process. For example, suggest a that is easy to automate, like

Employee name: John
Employee ID: 12345
Salary: $2100
Effective Date: 10/12/2021
Description: “Hi, Mr. / Ms ABC is promoted to senior developer …”

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Hi @Andra_Buica ,

Thanks for the quick response. I will try and will get back to you.
Thanks again for the help :slight_smile: .


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