Need to break or extract the text from paragraph


I. OBJECTIVE: Post mount a commercially powered, fiber fed E3-2 GPON8 DSLAM at the entrance of Lucht’s Crossing 3rd Addition and a CWDM pedestal in the handhole near pedestal C1:12 located by the intersection of Harder Ave & Lincoln Trail in North Branch, MN. II. TRIGGER: EPM DEVG92577 - GDV0267 (Lucht’s Crossing 3rd Addition) approved by Brad Hedrick 4/23/20. III. REFERENCE MATERIAL: EPM EWR09927 and Planning EWO DEVG036501 IV. EQUIPMENT & LABOR: V. FUNDING SOURCE: SB VI. VARIANCE: VII. EXPENSE: VIII. COMMENTS: IX. BBCODES: DEVG0365"

ABove is the paragraph where like if you see Objective has I number and and Trigger started with II number now my query or problem is i want to extract the data from paragraph. Number are in roman.


This is possible using string manipulation or Regex.

Please provide the expected output (bold the sample also) and tell us about the pattern of text.


Expected output is i want Objective to store in Objective variable and Trigger in Trigger variable and so on
I had attached the screenshot i want to get the value from paragraph for those variables.

If any variable is not present in paragraph leave the variable as blank

find some start detecting the romanian numbers:

How to get the value from here like i want objective to store in objective and so on

Please anyone has any solution for this. please let me know. I need to store objective in objective variable and trigger in trigger and so with other

You can use the following patterns:

(?<=\. OBJECTIVE: ).+?(?= \b[MDCLXVI]+\b)
(?<=\. TRIGGER: ).+?(?= \b[MDCLXVI]+\b)

Use an Assign activity like this:

varTrigger = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(inputText, "(?<=\. TRIGGER: ).+?(?= \b[MDCLXVI]+\b)").ToString

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