Need to Automate Service-now ticketing system

Hi Team,

I wanted to Automate Service-Now tickets. I can able to Fetch all the Incidents, but only thing is BOT should analyse the description entered by the user. All the information regarding the issue will be there in description.

I can able read the description also through BOT. But only thing is depend on description BOT should understand the issue. With Regex also it is not possible as description is not in standard format.

Suggest me what else we can do for this scenario.

Hi @Shaik.Yezdani
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Can you have some set of keywords to identify the issue type or is there any way to have a standard one.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi Aravind,

They don’t have standard set of descriptions. User manually describe the issue. I will ask the team how they are identifying. Apart from that they will mention some Id’s also in the description…those id’s are help to resolve or investigate the issue.