Need to automate SAP Process chain monitoring

Hi All,

I have to automate SAP Process chain monitoring, i have attached a sample image from google. The task is to ignore if the chain is in green, but if its in red we need to re-execute the particular chain. Can you please let me know how can we do it ?
I have marked the area, which needs to be checked and automated. Thanks for your kind help in advance .

You can use an Image Exists activity to check for the presence of a red chain. If you find one then do whatever process you need to rerun that chain. If you find no red chains then you can stop looping until the next time you need to check.

¿You can generate a output file from that screen?

No I cant do that, it has to be monitored just visually.

Thank you for the reply, i will check on it and update you regarding this.

U can use a find image for check when that color change, but u process will need be execute all time

Hey thanks for replying, the project is 24/7 so anyways we have to have a bot running 24/7. I am checking on it. Will update you in case its successful

HI @Karthik_Thirumurugan

More stable and more reliable solution would be to verify the colour of the light based on technical attribute, which is delivered by SAP scripting interface itself.

See the examples below

Green light has always the text @08@
Red light has always the text @0A@

Play around with UiExplorer to find out the right technical property, which can be useful exactly in your table

Green Example:

Red Example

Best regards, Lev