Need to Apply RE Framework concept in Sequence workflow while creating the project

How to apply the RE Framework concept when i am creating the new Sequence Workflow?. For Example: I have to create one project by using Sequence workflow only but i should use RE-Framwork Concept in this Sequence Workflow. Please help me to how to create this?


Do you mean use ref as a linear process?

If yes then please check this

If not you want to create something aimilar to RE…they why is it? What not use the same?


Hi @Kaviya_V

You can apply RE Frameworks to Sequence workflow.
Check the below video then you will get better understanding of it.

Hope it helps!!

hi, Actually my question is, I should not use the RE Framwork Template. Without using the RE Framework Template I need to create project by using Sequence workflow only so inthiscase whatever we used the concept in RE Framework as like Exception, Retry mechanism etc, I have to apply this to Sequence workflow only because in my project, my condition is, only i should use Sequence workflow. I should not use flowchart, state machine and RE Framwork Template. how will i achieve this?


Then as you soecified use try catch retry acope and all as you need…

But again that might be similar but not as good as RE…because we need to have combination if all statemachienz to get that bifurcation…

Else try using flow chart and inplace of state machiens use flow desicions and eqch statemachien can be an idividual workflow…

If flowchart is also not needed then use if condition inthat place


is any example code available? if there, please share


RE framework would be your sample code…