Need to add letter(A,B) at the end in excel

I have to scrape the data from website and place in i scrape the data using get text and store it in variable.
Write it in excel i used write cell.
i have the problem where if the application number is same in website means i need to add A or B at the end in excel.if application number is not same no need to add any letter.
In one complete cycle application number will be two application number will same or different
i store the application number in one variable.
can anyone help me to resolve

hi @vaish

Can you please elaborate your problem with example ?


Ya.Thanks for the response
in website one person may have two application number
if i give accountnumber. bot will fetch the data.
for application number i have created the variable.
if application number is same need to add A and B at the end of the application number.
and place it in excel

Am sorry I am a bit confused :open_mouth:

You are scrapping data from website and then searching for the application matching!!!

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