Need the meaning for the word in uipath


I am trying to trigger the process in Orchestrator, Ad hoc runs in the sense of what they are trying to mention.


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what is the word you are looking for


Adhoc runs mean ther eis no specific time to trigger…when a person requests for a trigger the bot needs to start manullay or from any trigger other than the scheduled triggers

one example is creating a UiPath app and giving it to business so when needed they select the process and click start process and only then the process starts

Hope this helps


As the term says, it’s like running bot whenever it is needed

So they mean to run the bot either from orchestrator or UiPath assistant any time they need

As simple as that

Cheers @Iswarya_P1

Hi @Iswarya_P1 ,

Adhoc runs means you can run automation anytime using orchestrator or assisstant.