Need suggestion

i am working on api thing where we have an array and i want to keep increase that array count as per the input data

i have took out that array as a string for dyanmic data
so i can add that after all array are added in api

like if we have 4 rows of data then 4 array to be added
any help on this

Hello @manoj_verma1

Can you explain your scenario with a screenshot for better understanding?


“username” : “data1”,
“rollcall” :" 2",
“add”: “d2”,
“address”: [{
“street1”: "1blvd rd
“house”: “b939”

sample array @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
so i need to append the above thing 4 time in the api

Hello @manoj_verma1
Kindly refer to this thread, it may help you.

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thanks for your response but i looking for body that will posted