Need suggestion on the rule creation


Need suggestion on the rule creation part,

I will receive input data in excel.
Column headers will be Number, Fruit, Flavor
I need choose the Correct category to get the desired number
Eg: Looking for the number 24, I will put filters in excel, fruit will be apple it will result all the numbers which contains apple it may be 24,6,4
then I will change the filter like fruit=apple, flavor=pineapple, I may get the number only 24.
Then I will take resulted header values.

Help me to achieve this (9.5 KB)

Please pass the fruit and flavor name as dynamic variable if required.


Thanks @kadiravan_kalidoss
My excel 4K+ records and I need the check with(loop through) multiple columns till I get the desired number.
I will try your logic and let you know…

Thanks for you help!