Need suggestion on selecting multiple options

Hi All,
I have one scenario, where the bot needs to select options from a selection box,
the bot will first extract some info from one pdf and based on that info the bot will select one or more options from the selection box.

The bot can select one or more options based on the extracted info from pdf.
The selection box looks like this below

Can anyone please suggest the logic which takes minimal approach to build this

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Debartha_Mitra_DE

Did u tried this one


in case of MultiSelect is not working try following:

  • expand the Box with a click if it is not expanded
  • use a click activity to on item and configure the activity by using a key modifier (CTRL)
  • do same for the next item


sorry but I am not talking about any activity, I am talking about a minimal approachable logic to select one or more selection

see, first the bot will extract data from pdf, the data can consist one option or two options or three options etc.
Based on that info, the bot will select one or more options,
I just want to know the logic behind it to choose the options, for example, if the text consists option 1 and option 2 then the bot will choose option1 and option 2.

So, is there any minimal way to build this logic ?

Hi @Debartha_Mitra_DE

U can create a loop for this

Like loop through each option and search it in the option in webpage and click the option

For faster approach u can use case selector for easy identifying element


how is it provided? Which datatype is the variable,holding the options? Is it needed to extract the options before?

so the flow could be:

  • read pdf
  • extract options
  • expand the dropdown if it is needed
  • for each over the options
    • select options

so it is dynamic

As you can see, as more details you share with us, as more detailed we can give suggestions for a solution

Thanks for clear reply,
The steps are below

  1. first extract the pdf details, all the extracted data is in text format
  2. for example if the extracted data contains option1 and option2 then select option1 and option2 from dropdown, like this

So, my question is now how will I select the options from the dropdown and compare it or these with the extracted data ?

lets assume it is needed to extract all value from dropdown to check if the different options occurs in the extracted text, then we can do it with find children:

so a flow could look like:

  • find children - retrieve dropdown options
  • create a list of dropdown values e.g.
    yourFindChildrenOutpVar.Select(Function (x) x.Get("innertext").toString)).toList

iterate over the list of dropdown values e.g. with for each activity:

  • check if the dropdown value is contained within the extracted text: extractedTextVar.Contains(theDropDownValue)
  • if it is present select option as described above)

thanks for your reply.
I tried but in the assign activity, while using the list of dropdown it threw error that “Assign: Attribute not supported by the current UiNode.”

In my case as you can see I can select multiple options from the dropdown,

And also you can refer the html tag for it below


The below screenshot refers to the html tags of the content of the dropdown