Need some ideas on how to build a selector for specific case

Hello all,
I’m a completely newbie in RPA and UiPath :frowning:
Currently I’m trying to create a workflow which must get the latest version of Firefox from the Firefox Releases.

In general the current version is located in the:
|_ first [li]
|_ [ol]
|_ last [li] tag

And I’m stuck on this step. I have no idea how to build a strong selector for this case. Could someone give me a hint on this topic? Maybe I can somehow get all versions from ol → first li → ol into array and than sort them.

Thanks n advance,

Main.xaml (9.3 KB)
current workflow uses a lot of idx attributes. but maybe there is more elegant solution for this case.

Hi @madsps

It seems like your way is actually working pretty great :slight_smile:
Keep in mind that ExtractMetadata field is not the same as the selector:

It is specific to the Extract Structured Data activity and it tells it the exact path to your values on the page. It is okay that it contains those values, because if you Inspect the element in your browser, you will find the exact same path :slight_smile:

I can understand your worry thought. If the structure of the page will change, the activity will no longer work properly.
I don’t think there is a way to go around it as of now though.

I am pretty sure there are improvements coming at one point :slight_smile:

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