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I’m trying to make a robot that will automatically bid to clients in fiver and do not bid again same client for that I am saving client name in my database.

problem that currently I’m facing now

  1. if there is no buyer or client request in fiver buyer request section then how can I stop my robot or which activity should I use to stop robot?

  2. how can I read one by one name from database so if name that is in database and name of buyer on fiver buyer request section same bot will not bid to that client if name are different bot will bid to that client

Database :Microsoft SQL Server

Hi @Humayun_Iqbal ,

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Read the Data from the application , say we get an Datatable - now we simply check - if DT.Rows.count < 1 Meaning There are No Items … If True - Just use a Throw activity and that will stop the automation , or we can explore terminate workflow activity.

Read the Complete Data from DataBase - This would give you a Datatable - say dtSource
Read the Data From Application - Say dtDest
Use an activity called Inner Join - This will Give you common in both Datatable - We have other option to explore as well.