Need solution for this task

Hi Everyone, I’m facing an issue in Excel task. i’m giving my complete description below.

Process Use Case

  1. Open the Data.xlsx file.
    The file contains data for payment mode, bank, and RRN.

  2. Open the Macro Sheet.xlsx file.
    This file contains macro names for the Data file.

  3. Develop a Bot to capture the right macro names and update the Data file.
    Business Rules/Conditions to Automate the Process
    The Bot you develop is expected to do the following:

  4. The Bot needs to open the Data file.
    In the Data file, the Bot needs to read payment mode, bank name, and RRN number row by row.

  5. The Bot needs to check for all the given data in the Macro Sheet file.
    If payment mode, bank name, and RRN number is a (Match) (Valid) then pick up the macro
    name and dump it into the Data file in Column E.

If the bank name is SB, CB, HDF, or CIC then consider bank name in Macro sheet as – (Hyphen)

  1. You may get multiple matches in the MacroSheet.xlsx file, if multiple matches are found, sum up the instances of matches found and log it in column “Number of Matches” – Very Important!

Data.xlsx (8.2 KB)
Macrosheet.xlsx (8.8 KB)

can anyone help me with the solution

Hi @Learner007,

I am not sure if this is a question or a test.
I would advise you to start attacking the problem one step at a time as you describe in your post.

Study the problem and solve this by referring to the academy courses and solutions provided in the forum for different sections of your problem. It will be hard now, but you will thank yourself in 6 months as you will learn a lot more troubleshooting in Studio, searching in the forum. Learning the hard way.

Expecting forum members to give you a complete solution is not the way forward.

We wish you good luck.

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