Need security and script configuration with SAP attached to BOT template


I am working on SAP automation. Before I run my automation I need to do some SAP scripting and security configuration which I have done it manually by launching the SAP during development attended run. Now for pre-production unattended runs our team is creating robot template. Also we are using AWS auto-scaling for bot deployment.

So we need that security and script configuration of SAP with SAP attached to every robot instance deployed by aws auto-scaling. Is there any way we can apply that configuration to SAP attached to bot template? Is there any script our team needs to run in parallel to sap installation so that configuration gets applied to SAP at background?

Hi @Ajit_Jadhav1

Iā€™m sure @LevKushnir will correct me if I get something wrong, but based purely on your description, I would actually try to automate the steps you take to set everything up and include that when you first run the process on the new machine.

This could be either manual UI Automation or a script, if possible.

HI @Ajit_Jadhav1

Please check this thread, where @StefanSchnell is discussing the possibilities to activate/maintain scripting

Best regards, Lev