Need regex code for PDF Table data extraction

Hi Everyone, i have a pdf i want to extract some data from that pdf. i’m able to extract some data. When it comes to table i’m unable to extract data. I’m attaching my pdf also. Can anyone help me in this.

1984 (1).pdf (98.0 KB)


Shipping Bill No. & Date: 26/02/2021
Category of Exporter: SEZ (If Possible)
FOB Value (Amount in FC) : 48162.83
FOB Value (Exchange Rate) :72.0000
FOB Value (Amount (INR)) : 3467723.76
Freight (Amount in FC) : 400.00
Commission (Amount in FC) : 200.00
Net Realisable Value : 3498453.36

@prasath17 If you have time please look into this once

Hey @ranaprathap928

@prasath17 was busy so I thought I’d help you out :wink:

Thank you for the sample, expected output but more information on the results would allow us to make a better Regex pattern. I have made as robust as I can from the sample provided.

I was unable to get “Category of Exporter: SEZ” - was there somewhere else on the form that would indicate that SEZ was selected??

Please find below a screenshot of the results.

Workflow file attached with all the Regex patterns contained within the Assign (right side) of the activity. I have also attached the TXT file.

1984 (1).txt (3.5 KB)
UiPath Forum Post Answer - 21 August (3.3 KB)

I have created a template sequence at the bottom of the workflow so you can easily expand the results and capture more results :slight_smile: all you need to do is insert the Regex Pattern.

Let us know how you go! :slight_smile:



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Hi @Steven_McKeering Thanks for the solution. This code is Working. Thank you so much.

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